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Since its foundation in 1985, AccessEast has provided public relations, crisis communications and media training services to many clients, from blue-chip corporations to entrepreneurs based both in Japan and abroad in a diverse range of industries including aerospace, air-transport, hotel, automotive, financing, food & beverage and other retail products.

Many Japanese PR agencies proclaim their expertise to be in media relations and publicity, creating positive coverage or articles and reports from public relations activities on behalf of their clients. While AccessEast agrees that delivering a lot of positive coverage for clients is one of the most important aspects of the services on offer, AccessEast strives to go beyond that. Additional services include identifying the best-matching target media that conforms with the clients’ target audiences, and strategically having reporters filing reports with a tone that clients like to read, hear or see. Interestingly, in some cases, our services are structured so that clients get no coverage, as can be seen with our crisis communications service.

AccessEast’s expertise is in consulting. We spend as much time as possible consulting with clients to deliberate, strategize and formulate unique ideas for publicity before executing a PR plan. The launch of the Xbox 360 and the HSBC Premier banking service, with the opening of seven branch offices in Japan, are just some of the major PR projects that AccessEast’s president Akio Yamaguchi has had a leading role in.

Yet AccessEast delivers so much more than just PR. One example to illustrate this was when CPU chip designer Advanced Risk Machine, or ARM, wanted to set up an office in Japan in the early 90s. The company was only an entrepreneur company from UK then, yet AccessEast provided not only the strategies and plans for entering the Japanese market, but also the human resources, offices and even staff recruitment on behalf of ARM to achieve their business goals. ARM subsequently succeeded in licensing their chip design for manufacturing by major Japanese semi-conductor firms and raising funds from Japanese investors. Since then, AccessEast has an impressive successful track record of helping small overseas firms successfully enter the Japanese market.

The following are some of the corporations that AccessEast has provided business consulting and public relations services to during the 25 years it has been in operation: McDonnell Douglas, Pratt and Whitney, Hughes Electronics, American Airlines, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, GE, GM, Microsoft and Xbox, Leighton Asia, JA (Japan Agriculture) Aichi, Prudential Financial and HSBC.

Akio Yamaguchi is regarded as one of the best media training tutor and crisis communications consultants in Japan. He is an exceptional executive who provides these services not only in Japanese, but also in English. Please see details of these activities under the Media Relations tab.